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    An updated list of conferences and shows can be found on FinleyUSA.com under events. There will also be a document posted in the POD under Business Development. Then choose the Tradeshow folder.
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    New Email Address: Do you have an idea or feedback in regard to the OneFinley initiative? Maybe a question you aren’t sure who to ask? Send your OneFinley comments and questions to OneFinley@fecinc.com. We appreciate your support and contributions!
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    Finley has published a large number of Whitepapers on our website underneath their respective discipline. We are currently adding more under each category. View finleyUSA.com and click on Energy/Teleco/IP to view the Whitepapers in each category. Have ideas for a Whitepaper topic, please email m.white@fecinc.com.
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How To Ruin a Healthy Breakfast

Not all 'breakfast foods' are nutritious and choosing the wrong foods can turn your healthy morning meal into a high-calorie, nutrient-poor mess

3 Reason You're Addicted to Junk Food

Question: If junk food is so bad for the body and bad quality overall, why is it so popular? You'd think no one would touch it." Answer: That's an excellent question, and I certainly can't say that I have the answer. I do have some thoughts on the subject

5 Meditation Techniques to Get You Started

Meditation is widely recommended as a healthy way to manage stress, and for good reason. It provides many health-enhancing benefits, like reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety, relieving physical complaints like headaches, and even enhancing immunity to illness.

Sitting and Your Heart Health

You are sitting too much. No, seriously. The mere fact that you are reading this article indicates that you are adept at finding what you want on the Internet, and therefore, are likely to be a person who often uses a computer, and therefore, are likely to be sitting a lot...

How to Make Winter Exercise Easier

It can be tough to stick with your exercise program when winter hits. The shortage of daylight, the cold weather and strong urge to stay in your nice warm bed can all work against you as you try to stay focused on your workouts.

6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Plenty of Water

Read this article about drinking plenty of water, compliments of our wellness team! 

Springfield Address Change

The Springfield office has moved. Their new address is 7000 Piper Glen Drive, Suite A, Springfield, IL 62711

2016 Pay Dates


Marketing Quarterly Report

This quarterly web report  was complied to give you an idea of web traffic and email blast analytics. Going forward, a report will be provided quarterly. If you have questions, please contact Molly White m.white@fecinc.com.



Altoona Content Link 






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